Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School has started

So I officially started school today. I am totally excited to get started. I just received all my textbooks in the mail today too and am busy cracking them open.

It looks like a lot of reading and about 36 hours a week between online discussions, reading and assignments. Its going to be a challenge because I understand better by seeing and doing and am slower at comprehending written instructions. I am taking three courses, Intro to Sociology, Intro to Women's Studies and English; creative writing and analysis.

I always get a little worked up when I look at my work schedule, the kids schedules and now school. It is especially busy with work because of the harvest season and the big harvest festival we have here in the last two weeks of September. But I found out yesterday from the other job that I am unable to work until my police clearance comes in and that takes about 6 weeks....a blessing in disguise I guess. As much as we need the money the job brings in, it will give me time to figure out and work on school.

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