Friday, April 15, 2011

Job Interviews!

This week I have three job interviews, all at wineries. I knew from the beginning that I could get a wine retail job no problem, but I didn't think I would be out of work until nearly May when they start hiring for the summer season. I interviewed with a winery yesterday. They are looking for someone part time, they would like to be able to keep the person on all year long, they provide uniform and there is the wine bonus, plus its really close to my house. Ideal. But wait and see... I have an interview today for a winery that has stores within grocery stores (weird Ontario laws). They are open longer then a regular winery because they match the hours of the stores they are in and I think I would get less hours overall. But they are going to guarantee me the same amount of hours all year round. Finally, on Saturday I have an interview with another winery. A friend of my Dads is the winemaker. I imagine I will get a job offer but I don't know if they can afford to keep me on year round. They are a pretty small winery.

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