Thursday, April 7, 2011

Setbacks galore!

So I have hit a few snags on the road to change. I haven't found a job yet but I have been working for the company my husband works at to make some extra money. I also had my application to school denied. That was a huge setback. I never thought that I would not get into school. My 72% doesn't meet their requirement of a 75% minimum. To top it all off I have gained 10lbs. My goodness, I worked so hard to lose a whole bunch of weight last year and now I am putting it all back on again.....please, nice weather come soon so I can get outside and be gardening instead of snacking! So what I am doing now is trying to get into a few different universities, really what I should have done in the first place instead of putting all my hopes on one. I am still looking for a job and I am trying not to snack (easier said then done!). The universities courses options online are a bit confusing so I am having a hard time navigating those ones. I have applied at two universities for online BA's and I contacted one about a course I was interested in taking. I am getting antsy though because I haven't heard from any of them and it has been a week now since I applied. I hate waiting, I really have no patience. Maybe this is the universe telling me I need to work on that.


  1. I've just been reading your posts... I want to say hang in there, I bet the next thing you go for or get offered will be the thing your SUPPOSED to do, may lead to something those others things never could... be positive, give out positive energy, it sounds like you have a tight supportive family unit... be patient but also pro-active... go get 'em girl ;)

  2. Thank you.
    Thats how I feel too but its hard to not get discouraged as well.