Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another job!

So I got another job at a different winery. The one that I interviewed twice at. They called yesterday and my first day is tomorrow. I already have a may schedule!

I still haven't heard from the other place I was supposedly hired at. I was going to email them but I figure I am going to wait until they email me, just to see how long it (if ever) it takes for them to reply to me.

I am disappointed about the other place. Being that it was a lot smaller there were definitely more opportunities for me for growth. Not that there isn't at this place as well but I am the lowest seniority now and will have to work my way up.

They provide uniform which is nice and I will get a wine allotment which is also fun.

The schooling is just waiting until I can get more information and until I hear from the last university I applied to. I figure that will be about another week or two anyways. So still waiting to get started with the schooling but am starting a job this week!

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