Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First week of work behind me and orientation with the Cancer Society

So my first week of work is behind me and I have to say I am loving how organized this place is. It seems to meet all my requirements for a job. While in counselling we took a serious look at what makes me comfortable in a job setting. I found that I get stressed out when things get changed around on a whim as often found with working for a small family business. I like policy and procedure manuals and I like clear cut expectations. But I also like the diversity of working in retail and being able to talk to so very many different people.

I also had my interview and orientation with the Cancer Society. I am volunteering with them now on days when my husband is home. I decided to donate my time to the Cancer Society because I didn't realise how much they do in the community until my father in law's cancer came back and he required radiation. We dint have a radiation facility in any of our local hospitals so he has to go to a city that is 50km away. The Cancer Society has drivers that take the patients to their appointments, which is such a huge help when you are fatigued from radiation treatments. The Cancer Society in our area drove over 1,000,000 kms last year taking patients to their appointments and has donated over $2,000,000 to our new hospitals cancer facility and new radiation suite. Also I lost my Grandfather to prostate cancer and my Grandmother is battling with colon cancer. We have had cancer affect so much of our lives.

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